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- Where can I find my booking confirmation email?

Upon purchase, you will receive an email containing your invoice. Please check all mailboxes, including spam.

- Where are the camps located?

Our residential swim camps are located at Repton School and Repton Prep School in Derbyshire. For more information about the schools’ facilities please visit their websites. For Repton School click here. For Repton Prep click here.

- What is the cost of camp?

The camp cost is advertised in the booking form. Th cost includes full board, 5 nights accommodation, 10 swimming sessions, 7 landtraining sessions and a whole host of incredible activities and inspiring visitors.

- Are the camps residential?

Yes, staff and swimmers stay in same-sex boarding houses at Repton Prep and Repton School for the 5 nights of camp.

- How old do swimmers have to be to attend camp?

Swimmers must be aged 9-16years. If you are >16 years and would like to consider volunteering or working on camp, please contact Fran at fran@mmswiminspiration.co.uk

- Does the camp cost include food?

Yes, the cost of the camp includes all meals at Repton from lunch on Sunday through to breakfast on Friday. We are very fortunate at Repton to have three hot meals a day, and the food is delicious!

- How many swimming sessions do swimmers do on camp?

There are 10 swim sessions available to each swimmer on camp. Swimmers are split into three groups (red, blue, green) based on age and ability.

- How do I know if my child is in red, blue or green group?

You will receive an email in the week prior to camp informing you of the colour group your child is in, and the exact time they need to arrive on the Sunday.

- Does my swimmer need to bring any food/snacks on camp with them?

Whilst the food at Repton is fantastic and we eat three meals a day, we do suggest that swimmers bring snacks to camp so that they have plenty to eat before/after training. Our schedule on camp is jam packed so a top up snack is often required! Great examples of snacks: dried fruit, malt loaf, rice cakes, cereal bars, brioche.

- Are swimmers allowed to bring mobile phones to camp?

Yes, swimmers are allowed to bring mobile phones but they are to be used during their own down time. Swimmers are not allowed to have mobile phones out during team activities, training sessions or at meals. Mobile phones are brought at the swimmers own risk, we do not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage of swimmers personal items.

-Are the swim sessions short course or long course?

The pools at Repton School and Repton Prep are 25m.

- How many swim sessions are on camp?

There are up to 10 swim sessions available for swimmers to take part in during the camp. The MMSI team will adjust the timetable accordingly depending on swimmers age, ability and needs. 

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